How to lose weight by eating MORE food.

A lot of you must have been wondering how eating more food can make one lose weight. You’ve heard about dieting , eating little or no food to lose weight. A lot of people believe that eating more frequently boosts your metabolism.

“It may seem crazy to say ‘eating more can sometimes be the key to losing weight,’ but when you are talking about the type of food you eat, then this might not be as insane as you think,” says Isabel Butler, a nutritionist for Spoon Guru.

According to Monica Reinagel’s research in 2008, a licensed Nutritionist ‘ Myths simply didnt support the notion that you could burn more calories simply by dividing your daily intake into smaller more frequent meals.

‘But our understanding of human nutrition is constantly evolving and its always worth revisiting those stances in light of newer evidence.’

In the Abs Diet, author David Zinczenko claims that eating six meals a day will help you reveal that six-packs you’d like to flaunt.

When i propose eating more, I dont mean frequent consumption of processed Junk food. We’re looking at Pizza, fries, wings, and loaded nachoes. Its a good Idea to watch whatever you take in but in some cases, not eating enough can seriously mess with strength loss efforts.

The Healthy Way to Jumpstart Your Metabolism And Lose Weight

Increasing your calorie intake to lose weight may seem counterintuitive—scary even—but in order to get leaner and stronger, you’ll want to decrease your body fat while maintaining or building lean muscle. To do this, aim for a calorie target that’s around 500 calories less than the calories you need to maintain your current weight.

“If someone has been following a strict diet for years, it can take longer to restore their metabolism to its full potential,” says Lundy, “but it is possible.” She suggests slowly increasing your food intake by 100 calories a day for two to four weeks—that’s a piece of fruit, a small tub of non-fat plain Greek yogurt, or a small handful of nuts.

10 ways to lose weight without dieting.

1. Eat breakfast every day.
2. Close the Kitchen at night at most 6pm – 7pm
3. Choose liquid calories wisely. The intake of sparkling water with citrus, water, skim or low-fat milk or small portions of 100% fruit Juice will do better at satisfying your thirst.
4. Eat more produce.
5. Go for the Grain.
6. Control your environment.
7. Trim portions.
8. Have protein at every meal and snack.
9. Avoid sugar in all its many forms.
10. Sleep better.

Often people forget that it is not always about the physical amount of food you are eating, but also the type of food.For example, living on protein bars isn’t exactly the same as eating a well-balanced diet of voluminous fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins. It might look like you’re eating more food in the second situation, but you’re actually giving your body more to work with that can be turned into fuel.

If you eat food that spikes your insulin level, you will gain weight. If you eat food that reduces your insulin level, you will lose weight. This is true even if the food contains exactly the same number of calories or grams of protein, fat, carbohydrates, and fiber.

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  • 6. Control your environment.

    You can control your environment by stocking your kitchen with lots of healthy options to choosing the right restaurants. That means avoiding the temptation by staying away from all-you-can-eat restaurants. And when it comes to parties, “eat a healthy snack before so you won’t be starving, and be selective when you fill your plate at the buffet,” suggests Ward. Before going back for more food, wait at least 15 minutes and have a big glass of water.

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