As we learn more about COVID-19, it’s become clear that the reality of social distancing will be with us for the foreseeable future. For many of us, it’s been disheartening as we grapple with the deep challenges of living during a pandemic. But, there have also been moments of hope and encouragement. So many of us have made the necessary adaptations to help keep one another safe.
This has brought about new norms in the society. While we can’t go out and eat in restaurants, we can now order food online and get it delivered to our doorstep.
Here, I will be posting about my experience with QuickChopz food delivery app.

The Experience

Well, I did not just stumble upon QuickChopz, a friend who was using it to order food online shared it with me and I want to share it with you.

There was a week where I had a lot to do and there was no way I could spend even a split-second preparing meal, I decided to give QuickChopz a trial.

I downloaded the “QuickChopz” mobile app from the Google Play Store and registered a user account. On successful login, I was presented with different restaurants nearby and I picked one to check their menu. I found out the restaurant only have local soups and want I wanted that day was Fried rice and some snacks for the afternoon. I checked another restaurant, on their menu, I saw Fried rice with turkey and fried plantain as an extra. Trust me, I salivated, I added it to my cart. I checked out and I was able to pay online with my ATM card, I noticed the payment was secure (FlutterWave and PayStack). I got confirmation text message and an email from QuickChopz.

I received a call from the restaurant telling me that my food will be dispatched in the next 30 minutes. At exactly 52 minutes, I received my order and the restaurant added a cold coke and I was happy.

Using QuickChopz to order food online is straight forward and I find it handy when travelling since I can use it to find food anywhere in the country. I don’t need to go out to find what I want. I just search for it on the app and it will be delivered to my location.

You can download the QuickChopz app from the link below:

You can learn more about QuicChopz on their website at

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