I’m not scared of DEATH

Daily we wake, a new day begins, we only live once they say, but in our once, did we love enough?

Love me today while you still have me before I leave that door. What if the unknown takes me to the unknown. I could leave any time you know, right there before your eyes. Right before the water flushes away traces of me from the earth surface, before my names goes in the book of the lived and not the living, before my body is of mare dust.

The present is still present. would you rather wait till the room can no longer withstand an echo before my absence fills the space?

Spray me those flowers while my eyes can still fold In smiles. Support me now that I can still acknowledge your efforts. It’s useless to notice my writeups after I’m gone and start publishing my works when I can no longer acknowledge your deeds.

Why should anyone be scared of death? It’s the last stage of everyone’s life. It could come now or later. I’m living my everyday life as if it’s my last.

Let me love me today and share to the world my most beautiful pictures and how much talented I am in writing.

Let me speak freely my mind to the ones I love…

Let me untell the lies I told you and speak up the truth.

I apologize to the ones I’ve hurt and broken their hearts. Forgive me now before I’m no more.

Let me tell earth how much I love it here and say my farewell. Let me thank the universe for bringing you all my friends my way…

I Love you…

Let me tell my fans that even after I’m gone and can’t write any more I will always leave articles in their heart daily.

Let me enjoy my remaining hours here on earth and visit as many places as I can.

Death is no far…

I don’t need your sympathy, just spread love and help me grow while you still can even after my death.

My hands are typing fast as life may not flow through them soon. Let this article reach publication that I may rest in peace when it clocks D:0’clock….

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