It was raining heavily on October 5th at 12:43pm and I was going to attend GDG DEVFEST19.
It was so heavy that all I cared about were my footwear and my hair getting wet; I cared less about my safety, because that wasn’t my first time leaving home. I thought every day was just like the others. I ran out of the rain to take shield from getting terribly drenched. The heavy downpour finally subsided into a few drops, the roads were flooded with water. I quickly hopped into a Keke (tricycle) and headed to my destination.
Manuex Place Event Centre at Jakpa road was where I was headed. With the aid of my Google map, I got the address. It was at Jakpa road but I didn’t know where exactly it was. I asked the guy sitting next to me who confirmed he was going in the same direction; so, I was satisfied. We got there and alighted. We had walked half a mile when he stopped and turned facing me with a gun. I was overwhelmed with fear when he said: “I lost my younger sister when she was seventeen. I am an assassin sent to kill you. When it was raining and crowded at P.T.I junction, I would have pulled the trigger and disappeared into thin air, I didn’t know what came over me, I just couldn’t. I followed you here to tell you all these. The cult I belong recently initiated a new member and that person demanded that you be killed. But, I am not going to kill you because there’s this strange force in me that is holding me down…”
Seeing a real gun facing me for the first time in my life, I thought I was going to die. I reconciled with my maker at that moment. I was saying my prayers and trembling. A strange question settled in my heart: “What will you be remembered for?” That was the question. I don’t believe in LOVE, hence I haven’t given out a single love. Each time I try, I am always slapped with the benefit of my own doubts. I thought about my mum, the things I want to do but haven’t done. I prayed silently. Fortunately, I escaped death but I lost my phone in the process. He didn’t kill me but he collected what I had. I didn’t struggle; maybe if I did, I would I have been blessed with a bullet or two. I let him have it.
Memories, moments you spend with friends and family are very essential. Give out all the love you have, the care, it saves.
I always say one thing: “Live each day as if it were your last. Don’t be scared of death because it walks beside us always but our choices determine what we would be remembered for. Yes! Live each day as if they were your last but don’t make choices that will sustain you for a day or two. Make choices that will remain even after you are gone.

This is why I have been off, retrieving my line, getting everything back. My P.C was so frustrating it wasn’t helping matters. But I’m back on track – that is all that matters now. And I’m overwhelmed that I still have you my audience with me. Thanks for your patience. I am back, fully charged.

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