Influencing people can be really difficult, to get them to like us or buy into our idea could be a really difficult task.
These Ideas would not only help you on how to influence people better, but to win friends also and Improve your dealings with all the persons in your life.
One of the best ways to influence people is to give honest and sincere appreciation. When you criticize or condemn people they justify themselves and condemn you. Instead of criticizing, put yourself in their shoes and see if you would do what they do. Before criticizing, learn the reason behind why they do what they do, and call attention to people’s mistakes indirectly. Correct them in a more pleasant way.


The only way on earth to influence people is to talk about what they want and show them how to get it. According to Henry Ford he said “ If there’s any one secret to success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things on the person’s angle as well as your own”.
Don’t make them tired of listening to you, talking about yourself, especially in business, talk about the benefits of the other person and not yours, it keeps them. It makes them interested.

This helps you make a good first impression. We become like that on which our hearts are fixed. Carry your chin in and the crown of your head high, we the gods in the chrysalis. A SMILE cannot be bought , begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is something that is no earthly good to anybody till it is given away. The expression on the face defines your countenance.
Smiling is a good move to influencing people and make them interested in you. Smile and be genuinely Interested in people. It should not be all about yourself all the time.

Be a good listener and avoid arguments. The best way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it. Pay very good attention when people talk. Do not interrupt them, ensure they are done talking. When a person is angry and shouting so loudly as if to pounce on someone, don’t say a word. Let them talk and shout out their anger, when they are calm ,walk up to them and talk to them in a calm tone. Listen carefully even when you argue, so at the end of your argument, your Opponent wont say “ That’s what I have been trying to tell you”. Instead avoid it.

Talk in terms of the other person’s interests, by agreeing to their facts and get them saying YES, YES, YES. If you try to argue your fact in and they are in disagreement to it, they get irritated and Offended. Agree to their points first, let them start by saying YES, YES, YES Than NO, NO, NO. It is called the Socratic method.
A NO response according to Professor Overstreet, is a most difficult handicap to Overcome. When you have said NO all your pride of personality demands that you remain consistent with yourself. You may later feel that the NO was ill- advised, nevertheless, there is your precious pride to consider.

One best way to make a person feel important is to remember/ keep dates of important days.
• Names
• Birthdates
• Relationship dates
• Friendship dates
• Anniversaries
A person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most Important sound in any language. When you keep asking a person what his /her name is each time you meet gives the person a “less Important “ notion. When you remember people’s special dates ,its makes them feel special.If you have issues remembering names or dates, write it down or nickname it to something or someone you are familiar with.I always visit a place called SIGNATOUS, but the moment I am out of there I totally forget the name , so I nicknamed it to SIGNATURE. Whenever I remember SIGNATURE , it makes it a lot easier to remember the name of the place.

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