Birth place of my ancestors
Salute to the soldiers and our fathers who fought
For the future of our past
Living us with something to hold on to
Our Freedom

We celebrate with a mixture of laughter and tears
Not forgetting our hero’s who protected our future
For dreams and aspirations fulfilled and those dreams that never got fulfilled
Tough now the present
On this day, we remember our roots and what we stand for
Your advice against corruption and greed our compass stirring us back to morality
Reminding us of the dreams we have, the goals we share and the future we desire

Sometimes I wonder how bad it would get before the good is born
I see our minds torn
As thoughts echoes in hopes of the future
Recovery is sure from this disease of corruption and greed
One thing is certain
The gates of hell not prevailing
I see the  future in our descendants
Building what we could not build
Viewing what we did not see
Restoring our broken ego and returning our lost honor

Holding high our hope, showing the faith in our descendants
Our biggest asset, the future of our tomorrow
With faith and unity  we fly our ever colorful flag
Ever beautiful, full of pride in peace, unity and progress
We work positively in line with our fertility and certainty of our purity
The light of our future shines bright
Like the smile of God up us.

-Great Idoro-

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