According to Wikipedia, Shyness (also called diffidence) is the feeling of apprehension, lack of comfort, or awkwardness especially when a person is around other people. Shyness is mostly common amongst introverts. You always feel all eyes are on you. That’s your subconscious mind playing games with you. Shyness is a natural phenomenon, we can’t get rid of it for us INTROVERTS. We can only suppress it and make it seems like we are not. When walking you feel uncomfortable and you lose balance, you can’t stay amongst people for long and you don’t know how to act. These are all signs of being shy and it is commonly traced to introverts. Extroverts get shy too but they are very few and you can’t really find a trace. Shyness is not a curse, it happens with all of us INTROVERTS. But how can we suppress It?

You have to work seriously or Immensely on your mind Psychologically _____

• Chin up

• Shoulders high

• Chest out

• Look bold

.• If you are missing your steps, you can wear an ear pods, headsets, earphones etc. The music you play makes you bold and sharpen your steps.

• Think about that which makes you Stand out. This isn’t Pride, this is you trying to suppress the awkwardness in you.

• Try engaging in conversations with people, get used to them, ensure you are not too quiet and acting Dumb, only then you can feel a little comfort around them.

• Do not give a damn sign of care about what people think about you or their opinions about your lifestyle as much as you know you are on the right track. Listen to what they have to say and pick out the positive.

This would go a long way suppressing your shyness or awkwardness about. I do this too and it helps me a lot.

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