School has no practical relevance or material value,  it bakes no bread.  It wont help you acquire fame or wealth according  to philosophy. It  wont make you nicer or a more agreeable  person. It would not endow you with a more desirable  attitude or disposition  of life. School Is not superhuman. School can feel irritating,  It can swear and can feel pain like any other person. It doesn’t provide esoteric information on how to manage self or predict the future. It has no cure for fear and loneliness and it does not imminent danger, it has no cure for fear and loneliness and it does not immune man from the vicissitudes and chaos of the present world.
    School is important but not necessary. They say school is the key to success but to be real and plain, school is just 10% key to success. Because most times you don’t  get a job with your certificate, favoritism is now the order of the day.  You might go to school,  own a  PHD and still be broke.  The success of the most wealthiest men in the world is not as a result of going to school.  We go to school,  graduate and the “A” student end up working for the “C” student. You graduate with a first class does not guarantee you a job. You will still end up having a job of finding a job.  We don’t go to school  to learn,  we go to school learn more.  School is an addition to what you already have. School gives you the theory part of life but never the practical part of life. Even if school gives you a job,  you are still not satisfied with the pay,  we wanna acquire  more but it  still doesn’t pay. You still have to apply your God given wisdom. Before we started going to school,  we knew something already and then teachers,  professors,  tuitors comes in. Then they add their idea to the idea of other people they’ve learned  and pass it unto us. But they still tell you,  ‘ school is necessary, but,  when schooling, don’t just strive to have a first class, while you are  being taught, apply the knowledge to your gift. So when you graduate,  you will have something to hold on to.
    I met some students who already has discover their talent and not exploring it,  i asked them why?  And their response was ” I don’t  wanna do two things at the same time”. When am done schooling,  then,  I’d  start thinking of……………., “start thinking of”. One could literally kill two birds with a stone. The reason most people can’t use their talent while in school is because they are too busy lazing about what isn’t bread.
   School is never a guarantee that you’d get a job and be what you’ve always wanted.  Dont let people deceive you. Mind you don’t get me wrong, I’m  not saying one shouldn’t go to school, I am saying,  while in the  process of educating yourself,  find your talent and in it,  apply the knowledge  you attain in school, that’s  the way to one’s success. School can never make you successful, Its hardwork ,  determination and consistency  that makes one succeed  in life.
     The power of our habit can control our destiny.  You came to this earth because you’ve got what the earth needed.  Everything created is created in a gift. You are a package sent to the earth to deliver your generation. Most people say,  ” not everyone has a gift”.  God is not a partial God, while creating each of us,  he placed in us a gift, that was why he said in the bible that your gift would make a way for you.  He also  said,  “I  will bless the work of your hands, the work of your hands is that which you do and you have passion for,  which is your gift, not what you don’t have passion for and  you do for the unsatisfying salary at month end. Don’t confuse yourself and don’t let the principles of life confuse you,  instead,  CONFUSE YOURSELF OUT OF THE CONFUSION OF LIFE. Most student in school will tell you, i was forced to be here,  my parents have concluded on the opinion that I’d work  in their company when I graduate, and are satisfied and proud saying it.  No!!!  That’s your parents root in his generation,  find your root in your own generation. Our parents say our kids will be greater  than us,  working  for your parent only mean  one thing,  he’s  greater than you. You could  manage your parents business and still find yours  and put together your parents idea to yours. Don’t brag about wealth that is not  yours, they are just your caretaker,  you have a different life. Your parents should only care for you and not think for you, because You’ve  got your own thinking. If we aren’t having good grades in school, school sees us as ‘FAILURES’. But the real world doesn’t call you ‘ FAILURE’,  because you could  literally  become great still without having good grades in school. Most time school leave in us ‘ fear’,  ‘sadness’  and the mindset of we can do nothing out of life and we die with that school mentality rope tied  to our legs and hands ending us up in the world of getting nothing out of life. And life can’t tell of your existence only death. So painful!  Most times education Makes you see only what is in others and won’t make you see you. School has a ruling system, it is called favoritism. It favors those only that has good grades and  make them happy,  but will never tell  those who don’t have good grades in school that they still could have good grades in life and be great. It leaves you with a  “can never do anything” mindset.
     And school gives you a job and you think it has done you a good favour and it calls you after some years of working to its table and tells you,  ” you are tired and can’t continue”,  because the school system keeps its law of ‘RETIREMENT ‘.

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