WHAT IS RETIREMENT?  RETIREMENT is defined by the english dictionary as ” The state of being  RETIRED; seclusion. The position of ones life after retiring from one’s career.
     The state of being “RETIRED”,  means double tiredness. School underestimate you by telling you, you are “RETIRED”.  You are shut out of the company of the school system. Don’t  live ones career, live your own career. Find your passion and purpose and  live it.
    I’m not saying,  when to your table is brought someone’s idea,  no one should work under them,  because they don’t want  to  be retired. Everyone is to be an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur of being your own boss. Helping in someone’s idea, does not make you lesser,  instead you are being your own boss too only if its your passion. You become lesser when you do it for pleasure. If you don’t belong there,  school system makes you belong,  but mind you, you can’t do any better than the ones with the passion.
    Someone asked me; if everyone is the boss,  who would sell,  who would amend our torn clothes and footwear, who will help out?  Well that’s a good question. God said,  while I was creating each of you,  i put in you talents, and that talent you discover on your own.  We don’t have one talent,  we have numerous talent. Some peoples talent is to sell because they’ve got the smile and accommodating  act.  we are not bossing them,  neither are they bossing us. Selling doesn’t  make you lesser,  because you’re  not a doctor or lawyer.  They are equal. We need them,  they need us. Some people’s talent is to create ideas while some people’s talent is to work on that idea created. Some people’s talent is to teach because they possess  patience. You can’t teach if you can’t be patient, else, teaching would frustrate  you.
     Nobody is your boss, you are the boss of yourself when you work for passion and not for pleasure. Because you work under someone doesn’t make the person your boss,  you are still your own boss. The person needs you to grow, without you, he can’t grow and he pays your for your idea.
    Never you get involved in a job that isn’t your passion especially if you are working under someone.  If you don’t have  passion for the job you are doing,  you are only enslaving yourself to someone’s passion,  instead of finding your passion and being your own boss. Never let the school system enslave you. You studing what isn’t your passion,  and end up doing a job you have no passion for,  the school system has enslaved you to the life of someone,  who is a boss.
     Don’t be a slave to someone passion,  be a slave to your own passion. Don’t let school enslave you.
   Employment destroys your gift.  You will never find your gift in education  it can only be refined. Education Is not a gift.  Your career may not be your gift.
     A gift is the ‘inherent’ capacity to fulfill  a function that meets a need in creation. ‘INHERENT ‘ no one can give it to you.  No prophesy can give it to you.  Do not go to school to find your gift. It can never be learned it can only be refined. Don’t take the wrong courses,  you will get retired. You have to take risk not to be retired.  You have to be comfortable been uncomfortable  if you don’t want to be retired. Your gift is your value in life,  If you’ve never find your gift you will never find your value. Don’t pursue money,  let money pursue you.  Make money from your value. I hate to die and never do the things I was born to do.  Don’t let employment destroy your gift,  and you get retired and you live the rest of your life doing nothing,  believing the fact that you can do nothing no more.
      Retirement is a curse; find your passion, live it and retire at will.  Its your choice  to make.

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