Date yourself before you date. Marry yourself before you get married. There’s this freedom you have when you are single. Date yourself, love yourself and everything will fall into place. You will never be able to date long or have a sound relationship if you haven’t dated yourself.many people would say, ” I’ve been praying for a partner but it seems God just doesn’t want to give me a partner” but the question is, how can you manage someone when you’ve fully not managed yourself, who do you want to suffer? Its just like rushing into marriage when you haven’t known your partner much yet. Date yourself, work hard even while studying , give yourself a nice treat, buy clothes for yourself, make your skin glow, and when you get into a relationship you feel very okay, no much complains. You won’t complain of a guy not changing your wardrobe, giving you money, because these are the things we learn to do while dating yourself. Marry yourself before you get married, enjoy that pleasure of marring yourself before you get married. Marriage is where you will stay till forever, why rush into it at a very early stage, most people say girls time expires, men won’t start chasing them that much , before that happens first date yourself, calculate your age. But there’s something I’ve observed, men will keep chasing you as much as you care for yourself, dating yourself bring that inner beauty in you, you never know. Have you noticed, when you leave a relationship you become more beautiful? Unless you are that girl who is too dependent on a guy for everything. Date yourself before you date and marry yourself before you get married. when a guy or a lady tells you, i wanna date you, your response should be I’m dating myself, i can’t cheat on myself. It does no necessarily mean its compulsory you have to buy everything before dating, but at least don’t fail to have that experience. I told some people about dating themselves first and their response was, ” all those times I wasn’t in a relationship, I have been dating myself”. No! The english dictionary define dating as “A form of romantic courtship typically between two individuals with the aim of assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse. The result of dating may at any time lead to friendship, any level of intimate relationship, marriage, or no relation. Dating is the aim of assessing the others suitability as a partner. So, d yourself is an act of assessing yourself first if you are ready for a relationship and fit to handle yourself and your partner together. You don’t expect someone to love you when you haven’t fully loved yourself, what kind of love will you pass unto your partner, “FAKE LOVE”. DON’T DATE A PERSON IF HE/SHE RECENTLY VACATED A RELATIONSHIP. Through my research or observations, i have arrived at a result that there is 95% possibility that they could go back to their ex. Memories don’t easily erase, once their memories together comes replaying especially when the incident that result to their breakup isn’t severe, they tend to go back dating. And if they approach you for a relationship and you are a novice to it you might only be used to fill up the blank space. Dont use anyone be fill up the space, if you just left a relationship, make sure you date yourself once again before starting out to hunt for another. You don’t use someone’s heart for fun. After making the person feel loved and then you start ignoring the person and then one day you tell the person I’m sorry I just can’t stop loving my ex. That’s awful. Don’t treat anyone in an in human way. When you first meet someone who you want to start or build a relationship with these questions would help: * Are you in any relationship?Never forget to ask this question, because the person might agree to date you and then later you find out he/ she has someone, the person might tell you why didn’t you ask them before dating them if they had someone. * what led to your breakup. The incident resulting to the breakup matters alot. If it isn’t death, or something so serious be careful. * How long have you been apart. That’s a good question, It helps you to know if they could possibly be together again. Most hearts are strong they get rid of people easily. But if you notice the person always talking about their ex, then be careful because they could come back together. There’s something about memories, It doesn’t easily go off, most especially if the other person isn’t as lively as your ex, they start comparing. Never use comparison in a relationship. One thing you should know is, everyone cannot be like everyone. Everyone can never be the same. If everyone is like everyone, the world would be so boring, what makes the world interesting is the difference kinds of people that live in it. If the person isn’t as you want, the person isn’t lively, you necessarily don’t have to leave the person and go wait for that kind of person you want. You can bring out that livelihood in them. Make them interesting, but first you have to erase every symptom of boredom from you before you can cheer up someone. Don’t let a guy tell you its in the past, t dont wanna talk about it. Ask them until they talk about it. You could learn from it to build your relationship stronger. o

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