Disguise means to change the appearance of a person or thing so as to hide or to assume an identity.
1.       Most people disguise to hide their true self from others having the mindset of “people would like me more when I disguise myself for who I am and not what I am”.
      It is unequivocally clear that most women love money and they can be bought because money gets them carried away.
      It is certain,  most women or ladies do love for money and that shouldn’t be it.  This attitude of theirs has led most men into disguising themselves as wretched,  uneducated,  so any woman they woo would love them for who they really are, not for what they are.
           Disguising oneself is no point for a woman to love you for you. Disguising oneself as wretched,  uneducated  is no point for a woman to love you for you.
     In this 21st century of ours,  no graduate or undergraduates would want to build a relationship with a man who is a novice to education every woman especially want to move with her class or categories of person.
     One shouldn’t  cast blame or insult on a lady for not accepting you after disguising yourself to be wretched and uneducated. No woman wants an idle or lazy man else she carries both cross alone.  Every  woman wants her man to be up and doing,  valiant and most of all educated and be able to defend it.
      First step in getting a woman who would love you for who you are and not what you are;
  Knowing what you want.
      The question is;
*What do you want?
What kind of lady have you dreamt  of having?
You want a Godfearing lady?
One who’s responsible
One whold encourage you and bring out the best in you in your deepest crisis
One who would confide in you
One who would make you her best friend, lover,  husband and counselor
One who wouldn’t disclose your little misunderstanding to an outsider or a family
One who would support you in every stage or aspect of life
One who would make you stand out best among your equals
One who would tell you,  your best is not enough until you are perfect
One with an attitude to keep you younger
One who has selfcontrol  even in public
One who would make you proud and make people envy and mimic your relationship                   

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  • good for one to err their view. being straightforward is d Best way one can live with in dis life without fears.

  • Wonderful, this is really what's happening this days, where you get to see men/women change to get something from others, and this writeup has given me a clear view of what I really want in a woman thanks, I really like you point of view!'

  • Thanks for the read

  • Thanks for the read, you are welcome

  • Everything written here is the truth,u jst nid to go for what u desire(woman)direct than disguising urself to get it..keep the write up

  • Thanks for read

  • I believe everyone has what they are looking for in life so if disguise would get you true love so be it.id prefer disguising to be wretched and be educated just to find true love # not love built on qualifications and financial status

  • Disguising is like building a relationship on lies, it only takes maturity to know a player and one who loves you for you, by applying the techniques given in this article. Be you, never try to be what you're not. Being you and real enables you to win the heart of the world.

  • My Dear I agree with u to some point. But is not kul for ladies to hang or want to hang out with only those they feel are in their category just at first sight. Sometimes will just nid to watch and b patient enuf b4 we conclude. D person may not necessarily by disguising, it could b d person style of life not to dress big even when he/she has it all, if I may use dressing as an example. Maybe that's y u are there to change his mentality over time. But if u draw conclusion just as first sight, d opportunity may not come again. Wen u go to a party sit at d back so maybe d celebrant will acknowledge u and take u up to d high table.. Likewise d opposite. U remember DAT parable of Jesus right? One Love Baby.

  • Yeah I agree with you , thanks for reading

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