Relationship according to Rev. Respect karo is “Two people running a relay race into a ship”.
    I have noticed that in so many relationships there is no fun aside having sex. Relationship is not just meant for sex alone but for fun and intimacy. Relationship is a quick access to intimacy.It could be a friendship relationship which consist of : The casual friendship relationship and the intensional friendship relationship which might graduate into courtship relationship  and then to marriage relationship. Relationship helps you to know more about your partner, but most people think relationship is majorly on sex. She satisfies my sexual huge, he satisfies my sexual huge,  am enjoying the relationship. I heard someone say ‘ the easiest and cheapest way to have free sex is to get into a relationship. They would say “have someone whom you could literally get sex from randomly and wouldn’t request for money,  its that cheap”.   What a mindset!  They now feel sex is becoming to expensive  these days from classic girls so the easiest way is to build a relationship. Any relationship that is built mainly on sex is no longer a relationship but a “SEXLATIONSHIP”.  The ‘RE’ should be changed to ‘SEX’.  You would hear some people say as much as he or she can satisfy my sexual huge we are cool.
    Relationship is not meant for sex alone but for intimacy. Getting to know your partners’ vision and make it bigger.
    partners  would be together and there’s just nothing to talk about except when the huge comes for sex. There would be no liveliness in your relationship until one among you has cheated.  Boom!  There is one big topic to discuss.  Partners in a relationship as this would find it difficult to forgive each other.  They would say ” he’s not contributing to my life,  she’s  not contributing to my life either except sex,  so what’s the essence of letting  him or her stay,  Its pointless,  I could literally  get sex anywhere and anytime and even more. Boom!  The ‘SEXLATIONSHIP ‘ has ended. But if your partner has being contributing to your life big time you probably might have a second thought of accepting your partner after cheating.
   Ladies have brought complaints  to me. ‘ I don’t know what could be wrong with my relationship,  we would be together all day and there’s just nothing to talk about.  I cant seem to express myself to him’. Most people would say its because they are probably not compatible.  But I would say this has nothing to do with compatibility,  it has to do with friendship.  When there is no friendship in a relationship partners tend to be only interested in sex. Another would say ‘we would be together and we run out of things to talk about’. In a relationship you don’t run out of things to talk about,  everything in the earth is a topic to discuss, that’s why its a relationship. Another would say ‘ my partner is furious,  and I don’t know how to make him happy’. In a relationship seeing your partner alone is happiness. You should know how to make him or her happy that’s  why you are in a relationship, to know what get him or her annoyed and how to please your partner. Don’t  use compatibility as an excuse,  friendship is the problem. Friendship  makes partners  compatible .  I mean true friendship. They say marry your friend.its only your friend that can tolerate you.  Its only your friend you  could misbehave in their presence or absence and  still tolerate you.
It’s either you build friendship before relationship or friendship in relationship.  Some would say I don’t want friendship. I want date you. Dear,  its friendship that would still last longer in marriage or relationship.  When the beauty is not there anymore,  when the laws of gravity has taken place,  Its not love that would be moving you that time its still friendship .
    You should be able to sit with your partner and play those games you played when you were much younger, you should be able to talk stupidly. A person that normally don’t like making conversation tends to talk more in a relationship because when you get to know them they start unleaching their true self and you enjoy their companies more.
All relationship should be built on creativity.  What doesn’t make one compatible is if both partners aren’t creative,  at least one among the partner should be creative.
     Well,  if you are in that  cold relationship . My advise,  is not to leave the relationship,  cause the fault might be from you,  leaving that relationship to another might simply be the same.  My advise is to build friendship in your relationship,  make your relationship healthier .  If you are in the cold relationship or you fall victim of “SEXLATIONSHIP”,   this article is for you.

You should learn how to be fun before you pass fun. Be creative, be super excited all the time even about nothing. Your partner would definitely find something to talk about. If  you’re not the story type,  adventure type or cheerful type,  read more story books,  watch more movies,  read more articles or books on relationships like this very one you’re reading.

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     You could plan for nice vacations,  tourism, play games….These makes your relationship so lively and mount up as one of the best.  Just these secrets.
    You complain you have no time. Dont be too busy to neglect love. Remove sex  from relationship,  you will realize most people have nothing to offer.

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