Studying at night is of a great importance to our health and emotions. Note, studying not reading,  they are two different words.
    Studying means to fix the mind closely  upon a subjects ; to dwell upon anything in thought; to muse ; to ponder. To endeavour  diligently ; to be zealous.
    When you return from work take up a book,  story book,  newspaper, magazines…..anything that could literally steal your attention from the present world. Most times its best one exercise the mind or our thoughts from work,  family,   life,  into some other story world even for a few minute, our thought Is worth it. Placing your thinking on the usual or continual thinking or life routine would do you no good. It won’t make you beyond your normal thinking, it would only help in decreasing  your ideas. And you think you are successful living an ordinary life.  Don’t  live an ordinary life,  live an extraordinary life. How can you do that,  even if you’re always busy, studying at night would help you live an extraordinary life.

It relieves stress,  takes away pain,  makes you forget your hurt.
     Studying  perform virtually all the functions of alcohol.  Instead of drinking to stupor,  study to stupor. Alcohol has disadvantages but studying has none.
  Studying after work,  refreshes your mind, prepares your mind for the next day. Studying steals your action from what revolve around you,  your mind get lost while studying,  especially story books,

 you get curious at the next action,  you tend to predict what will happen next,  your hopes gets turned down most times.  Most times you hear yourself laughing out loud and talking like there was someone there,  laughing alone has released your inner cells and brain muscle, this makes you younger. At that moment nothing else matters ,  hunger disappears,  all worries gone,  at that moment you tend to picture the story as if it were real. In most cases,  If you don’t get to finish the book before retiring to bed, most times you tend to dream of the continuation because you’re so curious of what might happen next. In this case,  you’ve refreshed your memory,  you’ve rebooted your memory and you get healthier and younger. But, drinking alcohol to stupor might make you forget your hurt for that moment,  but returns in a hundred fold. Your head starts aching, you throw up and will always have a wasted morning by lazying around.

   When heartbroken,  studying goes a long way helping you get distracted from your hurt. You might have friends who did take you out, go watching movies,  go partying so not to feel the heartbreak  or the pain rather, but when you eventually retire to bed, finding sleep would be a job on its own. Those who drink to stupor would not deny the fact that they wake up with severe headache and same hurt even worse.
    Studying would help especially studying story books,  relationship books because at that moment your priority is to get stronger. There are most books you’d read and you wish the book doesn’t have an end.  You wake up excited about acquiring more knowledge.  Your hurts day after day diminishes gradually and boom!  Out if the dark comes your heart shining brighter,  standing strong,  living boldly and forgetting your worries.
    Studying may also make you understand so many things about relationship,  after studying you start thanking God for the breakup. Studying also help build your relationship just in case your relationship  is slacking. You are in a serious relationship, study books,  listen to speeches,  attend seminars to keep your relationship from slacking.
   Studying at night also makes you think faster,  think deep abd makes you more intelligent.

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