For no cogent reasons you have been jilted by the one who has promised to love you forever. You just realize that the guy that has promised to walk you down the matrimonial aisle has turned to be a player and a heartbreaker. You have been used,shortchanged and dumped by the love of your life.
    If i tell you that it doesn’t hurt i am lying to you. Consider me a big liar if i tell you you wont be destabilize after this severe heartbreak.
   The truth is, it hurts, it drains your strength completely. No word in human speech can possibly describe how pained you will be. But its okay… Its okay to soak you pillow in tears. While its okay to feel pains, its NOT okay to stalk him, it’s not okay to monitor his life in the internet, it is NOT okay to fight for a place in his heart, it’s NOT okay to keep calling or texting him. Calling for closure won’t even help it will only increase the pains. This is the time to close every door connecting to him. _ OGHENETEGA  DEMO

   Pleading with your partner not to abort all effort placed in the relationship might be futile,  because the day they tell you they are no longer interested is not the day they lost interest in you.  They’ve lost interest in you before then,  they were only waiting for the right time to to tell you.  In some cases you prank your partner that you’re no longer interested after seeing their reaction you told them,   it was a prank,  and they tell you,  my feelings has died already,  just imagine that? Such partner has been wanting a breakup but was just waiting for the day you act above your limits to react.
   Pleading should not be part of your options. There are two things pleading might result to;
They still won’t date you because their mind is made up.
They might accept you back but with a motive.  Their plan is finding a more easy way to breakup because breaking up with you at that time may not be easy on you. That relationship is thereby based on pity.

DON’T PLEAD. .                 
Don’t plead them to come back dating you because its of no use. They might think because you didn’t plead means you’ve never loved them,  but don’t mind that,  you are a victim of heartbreak so you have to be strong. Never apologize for your imperfections,  you were not created perfect,  you’ve got your badside but you’re trying to be normal and not killing yourself to be perfect for some certain human.
Ask questions.                                                                                                                ” Am not pleading to have you back in my life,  because I know you didn’t break up with me today, you’ve broken up with me before now,  you were just waiting for the right time.But permit me to ask, why did you retire from this relationship , am asking because I wouldn’t wanna make same mistake in my next relationship,  If you leaving this relationship is my mistake. I know your mind is already off this relationship,  am not asking you to tell me so I’d promise you,  I would change,  am not perfect,  i could only try to adjust my mistakes. Tell it to me so I could make it known to my next partner so he or she can tolerate my imperfections”.
DON’T BLAME YOURSELF.                                                                                              Because he or she retired from the relationship doesn’t fully mean you were all at fault, that you should sit wine and blame yourself.
The fault might be theirs.Even if the fault is yours blaming yourself wouldn’t change a thing, instead after blaming yourself you are bound to repeat same mistake. Come to think  of this;
_ will blaming yourself bring your partner back? No
_ will blaming yourself bring a nicer partner? No
_ will blaming yourself heal your broken heart? No.
       It  would only worsen your heart,  make you think and cry more,  make you keep pleading someone for a relationship that still won’t work. Instead of sitting back and blaming yourself,  tell yourself;
_ I ain’t perfect,  am just being me. I make mistakes,  i realize them and I try to adjust. My next relationship would be better.
     Accepting your mistakes and fate brings the  need to change and make you move on.
      Staying sad over someone who is living a happy life,  going for parties and not feeling hurt at all is a waste of time and life. Just imagine the time you could literally do something to promote your life,  engage your head in better things you sit back everyday,  cry and stay sad over a broken relationship. Your life did not end there friend,  it just begin. Your life is time,  so wasting your time is like sitting and watch years of your life fade away.
        Being  idle when heartbroken would not help your case,
_ Go to the cinemas or download movies  watch hilarious movies,  Action films, love or romantic movies wouldn’t help you.
_ pray games to distract your mind.
_ listen or watch comedies
– work
_ stay passionate
_ visit creative places.
_ read books
_ Go out with friends
_ listen to inspirational clips
_ meet a relationship expert to give you some piece of advice.
Date yourself again,  love yourself more,  get back on your feet,  enjoy the single life again and
Find a new partner, embrace love again.

     Heartbreak is just a process of love,  that doesn’t  mean you shouldn’t love again. Because he or she walked  out of your life doesn’t mean other people even better wouldn’t come into my life and stay even till forever.
     Your happiness is your responsibility and not someone else’. This is life,  that’s why its called reality,  shit happens,  people would leave you but they are certainly not the reason why you have a life. So why worry about things that are meant to pass and worrying about something wouldn’t make it permanent.
      Worry not,  cheer up,  live life  to the fullest,  enjoy and don’t die and not do the things you were meant to do.

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