I have noticed that most organization  has turned into business. Most organization has turned into a source of making money instead of being a source of impacting.  Most people would  say ‘ every means is a way’.  People are ready to go through every legal means applying illegal forms in getting whatever they want.
  Numerous writers have written about this,  bloggers,  vloggers,  public speakers  must have done a whole lot to this article.

   The school is no longer an institute  or an organization  dedicated to teaching and learning but an institution dedicated to making profit.  This is most common in the higher institutions.
   A school is to be an institution where we teach,  learn,  test our ability and scored according  to our test result.  What’s the essence of paying fees, spending,  five years pretending to be learning. Nowadays,  since we have the money,  we are only going to school to show off and get a result for having purpose. I heard a lady say ‘ I’m  not intelligent,  but i will go  to the university and would never have any carryovers,  write no summer and graduate with a second class upper,  because I’ve got the body.’ Be certain,  don’t say you’re going to school,  you can say you’re now a cheap prostitute  who is giving out promo for 5 years just to get a paper containing ‘A’ or ‘B’ in  an institution  or you just feel like your pocket is already  too full with cash instead  of giving to the poor or needy you’d rather  bless the lives of lecturers and professors in exchange for an ‘A’ or ‘B’.

     You go to school,  receive lecture and a test is brought before you during the semester to know how much knowledge you’ve  accumulated. If you study a book and ask yourself no question, you would end up knowing little or nothing at all after spending hours,  days,  months studying. Test is necessary.  We try to smuggle  our way through a school test through bribe,  why don’t you smuggle your way through life by bribing the universe too. Life is also a school we are always  tested.
   I think the school system is the cause.  Most lecturers won’t lecture,  a week to exam a big handout or textbook is brought before you to study,  “of course,  its impossible for most students to study this whole textbook”. This results to students bribing lecturers with money or their body…
     Most of these professors have a problem.  A problem of depending on one source of income. If you  want money don’t depend on one source of income. If it took four rivers to water the garden of Eden,  you need four sources of income to take care of your life,   you cannot survive with one source of income. If your dependency is on salary,  one source of income,  you are suffering from a vulture mentality. When you begin to survive on another persons money, whether continuous salary and you are not thinking of what will happen tomorrow,  project yourself, begin to think big. What will happen in 5 years,  what will happen in 3 years, then you are beginning to look for trouble for yourself in advance _UBONGKING.
     This is the problem with most lecturers and professors, they indulge to bribe in whatever  way. You can’t feed if you don’t get paid thereby students money becomes a source of livelihood. Lecturing is a passion. Its something one enjoys doing then the money follows,  but this has been abused by lecturers who only work for the money.  Most lecturers would say lecturing is a free pass to get sex from those pretty, classy  and sexy young ladies who has refused to give them sex on a normal approach, thereby they frustrate the lives of this students that they would be left with no option than to give in,  even all effort put in.
   The school is now a business place for both lecturers and prostitutes. “Give me the mark,  i will give you pussy”…

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