People say in every nonsense there is a sense but from my own view,   the more you listen to nonsense,   sit,  dine and talk with people that talk nonsense,  you would only realize one thing,  when you leave their presence,  you copy their nonsense,  you see yourself saying and doing the things they do.  Now,  what is nonsense?  Nonsense  is that that sense  of sitting and doing irrelevant things,  saying things no one can benefit from. Its a sense with no formula of maturity applied. Its that sense of hanging out with those categories of people whom you know will drain you and will never contribute a quota to your  sense of reasoning.  Its that sense of thinking below your normal status. Its a sense that makes you fight and argue unnecessary for something that is no issue. Nonsense is that which u say that makes your friends  laugh with you and the world laugh at you because it makes no sense,  your friends will laugh with you because you are bundle of individuals  who speak nonsense.  Because you have sat and dine with them always you all become sack of nonsense  yourself.

   This is one big mistake most people make that I’ve observed.  You give someone the responsibility for your happiness.  Happiness is a choice you have to make,  you don’t make people responsible for It.  I hear people say,  I can’t do without  you,  what is life without having  you.  No one is worth your happiness,  no one is worth your tears.
       Live life fully, be happy.  Don’t let any little circumstances bring you down.  Because he spends on you,  because he buys you things, because he so loves you or you so love him doesn’t mean when something’s comes crashing in your relationship, then you can’t eat,  he/ she can’t eat.  Why do you underestimate yourself,  what makes you think whatever he/she gets you,  you can’t get  for yourself.  This mentality has left some people in insomnia for no just cause. Because he cheated then your life has to debate that forever.  No!  You are way stronger than that.  I always tell people I can never be heartbroken,  i didn’t say that because I’m too pretty,  I’ve got a sexy body and legs,  am  intelligent.  No!  You can be the world most beautiful,  sexy,  wealthiest  and intelligent girl in the world,  there  is no 100% assurance that he would stick to u forever. I say I can never be heartbroken because I own my happiness, i don’t make it someone responsibility to make me happy.  I tell people you can think yourself happy and  also think yourself sad.  Any day am sad, Its because I want to be sad,  when I choose to get off that state I can  by thinking myself happy.  God gave you happiness,  guard it,  don’t trade it,  don’t make it  someone’s responsibility, “OWN IT”. You don’t tell someone  to make you happy.  Before you can make someone happy,  you have to first learn to make yourself happy,  that’s how life works.  Don’t deceive yourself. If you can’t make yourself happy, how do u intend to be someone else’s happiness or make them happy?

  Life is too short to make someone responsible for your happiness. My Happiness is worth more than millions of naira or even billions then why trade your happiness by probably arguing over a small piece of money you are to share or someone stole from you.  Own your happiness and guard it like the most expensive thing money can’t afford in the world.  Your happiness is too expensive  to be brought down because of one cheap thing that has no worth,  because of one useless argument that you won’t benefit from.  Argue and kill yourself over people that doesn’t recognize  you or things you haven’t seen before.  That’s absurd!

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