There’s one common attitude I’ve noticed amongst  most ladies. They call that guy that can’t afford to give them the kind of life they want names.  They tag them as “stingy”,  “stupid”,  “cant spend”.  Don’t be quick to judge, wait and keep watching.  You might have known a guy for a few months but the truth is you still haven’t known him much yet. Most girls throw abusive words at a guy who can’t afford the kind of life that’s in their dream world.  If yo parents can’t afford that kind of  life,  if you can’t afford it then why abuse an innocent guy if he can’t afford that kind of life in your dream world. Don’t  underestimate  a guy if he can’t afford that life.  I don’t concur  to disguising but that is where most guys derive pleasure. A guy might leave you for another girl after tolerating your insults and you find out he’s now wealthy all of a sudden. He didn’t become wealthy all of a sudden,  he was wealthy when he came chasing you,  but  you were too blinded with a strong desire for wealth to see what he’s got. Luxury is not love,  so don’t confuse yourself. Luxury satisfy the flesh,  love satisfies the head,  heart and body.  This attitude  has left those slayqueens in their 50s with no husband because they are too selective and demanding. Have a wealthy plan for yourself.
   Not only does the love of money make you leave Christ, it brings you towards error.  You literally choose the wrong man because of wealth.  You are talented and beautiful, why not set goals for yourself.  There  should be a stage you get to in life, when you should start saying,  its time I start making wealthy plan,  get up and get out of bed. Have a vision  board,  set goals,  plan to be better.
  Get more than what looks good outwardly. Most thing most ladies do is to take care of their physic not their inside.  Someone once said,  if you take care of your body,  you are too worried about your body shape,  hair,  you will only end up with the man who would love you  body and when he’s done with you,  he lives to find a woman who has gifts,  talent,  has sense,  has anointing  and no matter how hard the girl pushes them away,  they keep coming back because the person makes them productive.
  Why can’t you work yourself.  Its only a lazy and a low self esteem lady who notice he doesn’t give or spend much.  When you work,   you wouldn’t notice if he does spend or not. All you need then is love. He’s human,  you’re human,  only gender distinct u both,  you say around “what men  do women can do better”.  why aren’t  you doing better. Its not bad if you make money,  it makes men respect you more.  The little they give you appreciate it.  Be an independent woman but don’t be too independent.  A woman that is too independent doesn’t need a man.  A man derive more interest in you when he know you’re  not leaning  on him.  He’d be proud  to carry you around and be the first to introduce you before you introduce yourself.  You gain high respect from his friends  and family. When he sees you busy all the time. He becomes so proud of you.  You can maintain  a good conversat with his friends  unlike been there looking dump,  most especially  if he’s the responsible one with a responsible job and friends. You should learn to think higher  than just been ordinary.  Ladies don’t be ordinary,  be extraordinary.
    An independent woman doesn’t totally rely on a man.  She’s productive. Its high time you stop lazing around,  let a man approach you and perceive PRODUCTIVITY.  Prove your weakness wrong.  You are stronger than you think.  I feel like slapping those ladies lazing around in the back and say,   WAKE UP,  GET UP AND GET OUT OF BED.
   Beauty fades,  you cute and that would be good,  that’s  icing where’s the cake.  You got to have more than what looks good outwardly. Your looks is icing,  can a man find a cake in you??  When he access you after eating the ice would he fine the cake??  Where’s  your gift,  your anointing,  your vision,  your passion for life,  your sense. Present your self full of both icing and the cake and they would love you and spend on you.  You don’t  expect a man to spend on an empty brain.  Fill that brain,  make your money,  only then you become worthy of that respect.  You can’t get something you didn’t work for. 
  Exercise, look good but also keep your brain hot not cold.  Let your brain be hit and sexy as your outward appearance.      Don’t  chase a guy because he’s wealthy,  be wealthy yourself and  let them chase you like raw gold.
  Ladies,  be simple,  beautiful but unique.
  Being on social media  for 24 hours uploading you beautiful face and shape  changes nothing.  Spend time on productivity.

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