My plans for 2019

      I’ll say I accomplished majority of my goals in 2018, I will definitely  continue on the same path throughout 2019. I want to make an impact on the world,  especially changing wrong mindset of youths and teenagers.
     These are some of the things I hope to get rolling in 2019.
Writing: I was able to publish 2 articles, but in series which extended to 5 articles.  Though I started publishing in December. But I hold to be more consistent in my writing.  I had a goal of publishing two articles weekly and  i couldn’t keep up,  so instead of making unrealistic goals,  I’d rather set a goal to publish at least 3 or 4 articles monthly.
Speaking:  I used to be shy,  reserve and was so scared of the crowd,  but I broke the burden of public speaking. If anyone had told me last year that I’ll give a motivational speech,  I would ask the person to stop such joke.  The moment the opportunity came,  i embraced it,  forgetting my fears. I will really love to do more by sharing the knowledge  I’ve acquired over time and giving talks on topics I’m really passionate about.
Organizing Events: I’ll  be putting together an event for both youth and teenagers that are interested  in building their talents. If you’re interested please follow me on Twitter as vera Harvey .  While I make plans for this,  i hope to build young mind to be ready to accept life just the way it is, only then we can have valiant youths in the world.
Personal projects : I have a whole lot of things to learn and be better than I was in 2018. I want to read more books and listen to more motivational speeches and also attend more conferences. And also build a very strong confidence. Exercise more and live a healthier life.
Travel : I hope to travel more, visit more local govt., states and countries,  see the world and interview few persons in each place I visit to listen to their view or perspective  of life.

    These are most of the things I’m  looking forward to doing this year and keep it realistic. The reason am writing this is because am going to review this in December this year and see how far I’ve gone with my goals which is amazing and fulfilling.

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