“LIFE” has no definition, because words can’t describe it nor explain it. Mathematicians can’t solve it because they don’t know the formula. I define “LIFE” as,  what we want it to be. Life is reality. Reality can be define as how we want it to be. Only if we could see our future, we would amend our present and learn from our past.  One of the most popular proverb says,  ” you learn from your mistake”. I’ve  come to realize that not everyone learn from their mistake. If you don’t decide,  if you don’t have a decision board.  You will keep on making same mistakes ad-infinitum. Experiences teach but it doesn’t teach all,  It teaches only the mind that has taken a decision. Life is reality ,  you can’t dream it nor imagine it,  you live it. You don’t live  it the way it present itself before you,  you live it just the way you  want it, f though not fully,  because of life realities. You can’t escape life, unless death takes you along for a forever journey, you have to face it or you die.
    There are some life realities we haven’t fully understood,  they are;

•THE WORLD  OWES YOU NOTHING.                                                               .                     

Just because you are doing a lot more doesn’t mean you are getting a lot more done. You  don’t  confuse vision with progress.  The world owes us nothing. Everything we do, we don’t do it in favour of the world, we do it for ourselves. You  have  not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.  You only favour yourself, because not until you share,  you can never have and more. Destroy that mentality of ” The world owes me”. The world doesn’t. Life is not a movie, its a script, we are the writers,  its our story. Joyce mayer said ” The only way to live without regrets is to do what you know you should do when you know you should do it”. The world is your responsibility, you are not the world’s responsibility. Live it don’t dream it.

     You can never and will never understand life until u live it. We argue and disagree with virtually everyone about our present life, and you get result when it’s  now in the past. You learn lessons  when you’ve lived the present that’s now in the past and you get your certificate  in the future. ‘ you can never have a future  if you don’t  have a past. You keep living life,  you keep making mistakes,  you get annoyed,  irritated,  you cry but later you become  happy,  you learn from it and become wise.
      We learn from our experience but our experience is each passing day we live. If at the end of your everyday you make flashbacks on every hour,  minute,  seconds,  you spend,  you find mistakes and you learn from it.

Other life realities are;
•You cannot impress everyone
•Expectations always hurt. If you want anything work hard to get it,  when you get it reach back,  pull someone else up. Don’t depend on anyone.  “You cannot have everything you want and have everything worth having” Joel osteen.
•More friends does not necessarily mean more fun.
•A lot of people dream of having your life. Never feel insignificant  nor make anyone feel insignificant.  Never look down on yourself,  you are beautiful,  you have the best smile,  always tell yourself that. Someone from behind is wishing to have your life.  Always love yourself.  Love yourself a bit,  and love yourself altogether a lot more.
•Everyone is a bit selfish no matter how selfless one acts or claim to be.
•When things go bad don’t  go with them.
      Some life realities I’ve  learned   to:
•Accept yourself
•Acknowledge your reality
•Practice radical honesty
•Identify your part
•Admit your mistakes
•Own your outcomes.
•Count on your competencies
•Don’t let fear stop you.

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