Boredom is normal and it is only an indicator of underlying disease when feelings become excessive, all-consuming and interfering.
Boredom is a mental health disorder characterized by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities. Being prone to boredom is associated with a host of emotional and mental health problems, and we’ll do almost anything to escape it. “Mental disorders are associated with a lack of energy and motivation, which can, in turn, promote boredom.
A bored person experiences time passing slowly. They will have difficulty engaging or focusing their attention and they may experience both low arousal and negative emotions like lethargy than higher arousal negative emotions like agitation it restlessness”, Eastwood says. Boredom is a state of being disengaged from the world.

Here are some reasons we mostly/often get bored;

1. Lack of mental stimulation

2. Lack of proper rest

3. Poor Nutrition

4. Absence of diversified interest

5. Solitude/ being alone too often

6. The root cause of boredom is our in grains desire to do something.

7. Lack of something worthwhile to do.

Boredom is not just the lack of something to do but overwhelming feeling of not doing anything/ lethargy in the face of much to be done. Most people who get bored have piled undone task. Most times when you get too many ideas, you don’t know which to start with. In the process you get bored.
Boredom is not totally bad, that’s why it’s normal. It disengages you from the world. Most, times you just don’t want to scroll through your Instagram or your other social networking platform, Most times getting bored helps you find out some important things.

Most times you just can’t seem to get out of that boring state, you just let it flow. Most people try engaging themselves in some activities but it almost always prove futile.
One of these strategies would help-
1. Getting to know the root cause of what keeps you bored only then you can find a way out.
2. Don’t try forcing it to let it flow. 3. Boredom doesn’t last forever, it is transient in nature. Trying to force it might worsen
4. Try getting some rest.
5. Stop doing what you do continuously, try another activity. Try Something else.
6. Search for things keep searching don’t stop until something catches your interest that can keep you busy.
7. Put your ideas down in written form then start working on them simultaneously.

Most times you are bored you can’t even seem to do that which makes you happy like;
1. Going to the movies
2. Writing
3. Engaging in any interest of yours.

You are just locked out entirely of your fun thing. Most times Boredom stays longer than expected. Keep searching and trying until you get off that state.

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