Depression is a disease that has no physical remedy. Depression has no drug prescription, doctors cannot help solve it, herbal can’t help, miracles can’t work it, and your pastor can’t help you. Your mind is the only remedy to your depression, how you control it is up to you.
      Depression is a psychological problem as defined in  Depression Part 1 ( Not only lunatics (insane people) who walk the street or who are in a psychiatrist hospital are suffering from psychological problems. There are stages of sociopathy. Being insane is bad, not being insane and yet suffer from a psychological problem is worse. I have watched insane people closely and I notice there are some characters they possess;

*   They don’t get good food to eat yet they are happy.
*   They don’t have a roof over their head yet they are happy.
*   They don’t worry about tomorrow.
*   They don’t worry about the cost/ consequences of their act.
     And the most of all is,
*   They regret over nothing, no past that they fully remember.

      Now this is bad, but it’s worse when we normal people:
* . Have regrets of our past and mostly live in our past.
* . We have problems figuring out what and how our future would be.
*  .We hate the things we once love.
*  .We have responsibilities yet have no idea on how to carry them out.
*   We feel miserable when we can’t impress our parent or people in general.
* . We worry of death if we eat contaminated food and drink contaminated water.
*   We worry of malaria and fever if we don’t stay clear of mosquitoes.
*  .It is worse when you keep malice with someone who doesn’t even know you hold grudge against him,  that is a great psychological problem nobody can cure you of except your mind.
*.  It is worst when you have a good roof over your head,  nice bed, more than enough food  and still can’t be happy.
     This disease needs neither medical nor spiritual attention.  It is a fat disease of the mind.  You have to go for mind lessons, and work on yourself.
    People die of depression every day, because most times it leads to suicide. People die of breakup; they die not because their partners don’t love them anymore but because they can’t seem to love themselves.  They are suffering from the disease. If you love yourself so much you would realize no one is worth your life. Shit happens that is why it is called life. You are suffering from that disease when you start believing your brain has been locked up or you are under a spell.  It is your mind; you were very intelligent until you were told your brain has been locked.  That’s the mystery of the mind.  The mind is more powerful than anything you can think of except God.  70% people don’t succeed because they suffer of the disease.

     People are depressed because;
* They fall victim of the mysteries of the mind.
    The mind is a mystery, how it works you can’t tell, you can’t see it. You realize you start becoming what you believe. What you don’t believe doesn’t work for you. When you think of someone to much you see the person walk past or call you on phone.  It’s not magic, it’s the mind, and it works with the universe to make what you believe or think of often happen.
     How to cope with the future leaves most people in depression. The future is time we can’t predict; it is also not a bed of roses.  We can’t predict but we should prepare for it, whether it will come or not. People commit suicide because they feel the future holds nothing good for them.  The future is not some fairytale that will just fix you in a perfect life. You have to fix your future in your present.  Your present determines whether the future holds prices for you. If you beg to live today, what if no one gives you aid tomorrow?  If you depend on your husband or boyfriend or wife or girlfriend or parents, what if they give you no more?
          Worrying about the future doesn’t change a thing,  prepare today and worry not about the future because its set for you.

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