Depression is no longer a feeling but now a disease  of the mind and this is common all over the world. Most times its not fear,  it is depression. We live in our past lives which keeps us depressed forever. Most people have failed to realize that it is past, they personally torment themselves with living in the depression of their past.
          In psychotherapy and psychiatry, depression is  a state of mind producing serious, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future.
      You punish yourself because you believe you are not perfect.  You first convince yourself that you are good,  you go up stage and you fuck up because all you think when you are up there is ” I don’t think I can do this”,  i am just a done, dirty slut,  I don’t deserve anything good,  what if this people know about my past”.  When you see your past as in the past you talk about your past and learn from it each time you talk about it.
     Depression is a disease that stops you from  growing in life.  It spreads like a virus inside of you and stop you from doing what you can do because it tells you,  you don’t fit in.
     People don’t reach their full potential  because of;
*  Depression of their past.
      The past is past that is why it is called “past”.  No matter how much you wish you could change your past,  you still can’t change it because you can never turn back the hands of time.   You just have to  go through life like it never happened. You first have to See yourself starting out a new life and making a new name. Don’t hate your past because it taught you lessons you may end up dying to learn. Some people say “I HATE MY PAST”.  Your past taught you the best lesson you will forever teach your generation,  you past brought out the best version of you,  your past made your eyes open to see,  your past made you realize…  You are able to defend situations because you once had a past.  Everybody has a past,  and through life we are living now,  we would call “the past” someday.  Live it well.  The greatest punishment a man can ever have is REGRET.  This  REGRET makes us depressed.
     The best way to stop and kill depression is;
* stop living in your past.
       You stop living in your past the moment you realize you will die living in your past,  if you don’t see that, you can’t change it you just have to live on. Just the way you can’t bring back the hour you just wasted doing nothing productive  its already in the PAST.

*  Tell someone about it.
        Most people are dying in depression each day because they keep their problems to themselves,  they feel talking to someone about it won’t change a thing. If you don’t want to tell someone about it write it down.  The best way I deal with depression  is writing how I feel down and then I start figuring what the real problem is and I get an answer. Speak up about the worm eating you inside,  so you will be talking to the doctor instead of keeping quite and let it eat you to death. There is this freedom you have inside you when you finally tell it to a trusted person that can find a good solution to your depression.
* Exercise at least 30 minutes  three times a week.
* find your passion.

    Symptoms of depression.
* Your health deteriorate
* You constantly experience mood swing
* Nothing brings you pleasure
* Your weight changes.  You either grow too fat or too thin.
* You experience insomnia often or you over sleep,  you stay on bed all day doing nothing at all.
* You have concentration or memory problems.
* Your self esteem has hit rock bottom. You feel worthless or you should commit suicide.
*  You constantly feel down or tired.
        Depression Part 1.     

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