After a long terrific day, I pounder
On the struggle that faces the hustle
Of every proper Nigerian.

The image became clearer each time I pick up
My pen to defend my generation

Corruption!!!a word gold plated in the hearts
Of babies born in a nation ever growing in infant hood
Nigeria, a country with 59 years of Independence
And experience of unlimited national budget
funding foreign projects,
Still growing with promising debts

I wonder the destination of our country
With this toss for power and the leaders
Taking what they don’t  own

All we feel is the emptiness of their promise
And testimonies of their greed,
I see the rich getting richer and the poor
Becoming poorer in a mine of gold
Mined by incompetent hands

With youths cruising the streets
In flashy cars and political apathy
With the opportunity of young dreamers
Who should have accumulated a 5.00gpa
In a country they are only allowed to roam the streets

Many have come with transforming  agenda
With poverty influencing change

I say unto you that our mind is the liberation
That permits the destruction that faces
Every construction that denies our progression

We live in a country were the national cake
Is baked and shared to all
Yet we still have to refute the statement
“You can’t eat your cake and have it”
Just because  we didn’t import it

Fertility is our pride, wisdom our inheritance
And hope our compass for peace and satisfaction.


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