We live in an age where story books excite us like movies, unlike back in the days when our fathers were more into vanguards, newspaper or journals. Story books seems to be the most read amongst journals. In this age,  growing youths wouldn’t want to read the magazine, newspaper, listen to news,  find news,  read articles,  study books that will improve and broadening their thinking,  they did rather read story books.
      Story books are for entertainment, they make you excited and inquisitive, you just can’t wait to know more. Story books entail happenings of the past and even the present that we may have heard but a little twisted. Story books are great books; they make you anticipate, even when heartbroken, stressed or bored they always have a style of drawing your attention from hurt, street or boredom.

     We are not too exposed because we long for entertainment instead of life desire. Stories should be the icing not the cake itself.
       Stories are mainly told to get rid of boredom just for the moment, even in historical, political, motivational books / speeches stories are told to draw the attention of the reader or audience if they are getting bored already.
     Most Youths no longer want to read books because they feel it’s a waste of time. Relationship books or articles are very helpful for a growing youth and even advanced youth or adult. Relationships don’t work, 1st class graduate, PhD Holder remain unemployed,  youths gallivant the street,  people die with their dreams all because no one has developed interest in study other books aside story books.
     Studying political, historical, relationship and motivational books expose one to awareness. You spend hours and most times days studying  story books, in the end,  you have only learnt one lesson and most times no lesson at all because most stories comes with same moral lessons  and repetition of known happenings. But when you study political, historical, relationship and motivational books you mostly learn more than 10 lessons in just a page and after reading the whole book you tend to acquire great knowledge. These kinds of books make one think broad; it sharpens your brain and makes you a deep thinker. These books do not entertain you; they teach you how to create entertainment.
      We are more interested in stories because they are human related. We enjoy hearing our stories even if we have heard them multiple times, we want to know about other people, and most times we try to measure up to them. Story books increase the stories we store but with knowledge from the other books, we make stories.
     Read story books it’s a great entertainment but it shouldn’t be the cake but the icing.
    Life is full of challenges. As we move through different phases in life, a little motivation can be of great help. Reading inspirational books about life experiences can change our lives. Reading a good book, such an autobiography keeps you encouraged and you also learn tips to help you achieve your personal goals. Basically, you get inspired to become a better husband, wife, daughter, son, mother, father or even employee.
     History plays an important role in which we are today. By reading books, we get a better understanding of the past and how it continues to affect us. With books, you get a chance to learn about your country, family and the world in general. It’s a great way to revisit your past and appreciate the present.
    People read novels to learn and to be entertained. … When we read novels, we read about characters. As readers we have a perspective not found in real life that allows us instant access to what characters are thinking and feeling.
      In as much as we read other books,  we should still read novels.  In as much as we read novels we should also read other books.

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