We live in an age where everybody wants a well to do partner. Every lady wants a wealthy man, a man that has a good apartment, good job that pays monthly. Every guy wants a lady that is productive and intelligent. A man/woman can date several people over time, but would stick with one because they do not possess the attributes of their type.  The list of guys you may be attracted to may not like you because you are not their type but pretend they do. Before you start developing strong emotions for a guy or a lady it is advised you first find out who their ideal partner is, so not waste your affection in the end.  This is one reason people get heartbroken. Find out if you fit it, If you don’t then find your ideal partner.
     People say “ehmm  I will mould  him or her to my type, now this is a very wrong thing to do because someone can just play along either because they want what you give them or they probably are sleeping with you so, they don’t  want to lose that.
      Peradventure you find your ideal partner but they are not comfortable,they have not blow like some people will say ‘blow’ I dont know what they mean, what are you going to do about that? Firstly if because of material things you leave the ideal person for you and go for someone else who doesnt fit your specifications, then you are not deserving of love. You deserve to be hurt and heartbroken because love is not your motivation but material things…
        Your ideal partner right now has nothing to his/her name so they say marry a man that has a vision so that tomorrow you will see him in the television, good quote, wrong motivation but nonetheless,if you ever find your ideal partner, support  them, your support, kind words, acts of service, your love can be the needed motivation for them to be who they want to be really. The human psyche craves attention and someone that believes in them. 
     Right now, I guess you can see that it takes more than specs to be in a relationship, there is work to be done and if you are not ready for this kind of work, you should not even have a TYPE, talkless of envisioning a relationship..
    Till the next time we chat, be good, be a better friend, a better lover for those already in a relationship and I know this message has improved you..

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