Abusive relationships is not one that should be entertained or tolerated,  everyone is  priceless, limiting yourself to several relationships entertaining abuses from this guy and that girl is senseless. A child who grew up in a home where the mother  ir father is a victim of an abusive relationship feels that it’s the best, no other way to be loved and they entertain abusive relationships because they now feel it is normal. Most of these people are not comfortable in non abusive relationship because it seems strange to them and  can’t keep up with it.

  Not only a relationship you receive constant beatings and insult is abusive, there are other ATTRIBUTES   of abusive relationship we are a novice to and we see it as Normal.

      DO Not ever engage in a relationship where your partner is excessively controlling,  they expect you to do everything they ask,  they ask,  they don’t care about your opinion, It doesn’t matter to them,  they always feel they are 100% correct and should not be outsmarted.

        Never entertain a relationship whereby your partner humiliates you in public, in the midst of his friends, he insults and shun you almost immediately you try to say a word. After such incident, they plead with you privately that it won’t occur again.  Mind you, if he has done it once, he will certainly do it ad-infinitum. And he comes to you with sweet tooth and gifts to win you back and you believe you can change him. You can never change a man if he isn’t willing to please don’t deceive yourself.

         Never stay in a relationship where your partner always makes you feel guilty for his/her actions or mood. Even if they are the one at fault, they start finding faults or reasons for you to be shunned and they always make you apologize all the time, they rarely apologize, most times they never apologize. They force you to take responsibility for their feelings. ‘This is your fault’. For fear of not losing your partner or whatever you benefit from them you apologize to their stupidity and lack of immaturity. Stop apologizing for something you didn’t do. Let them render apologies or take responsibility for their Irresponsibility.

          Never entertain physical violence from your partner. You can’t visit, call or talk for long with family and friends. They would say ‘ If you don’t have sex with me today,  I won’t give you that money you requested,  if you go out with your friends, I will collect that credit card or lock up the store I rented for you’.  Never entertain such violence. You are forced to do things you do not want to, you are treated like a piece of garbage, like you are not important.

        Most partners possess this attribute and we mistake it for love. ‘He wants to know everything about me because he loves me’.
     Most times he/she constantly checks up on you because they do not trust you. You tell them you are out with your friends they video call you to be sure you really are.  If a person loves you he automatically trusts you, but if he/she won’t trust you and claims to love you he/she lies.


      Most partners put on a bad temper just to scare the other to be subject, by raising voices at the other and making threats and then apologize. He/ she would never change; such person should be sent home to their parents to learn them manners from scratch. Always picking a fight and wait for the other to apologize. Don’t continue in a relationship that one partner is hot tempered, they are likely to embarrass and humiliate the other.

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