There are three(3) major excuses parents give,  that’s…….. You know…… Valid.

•No time.
• Illiteracy
• Single parenthood.
      No matter  how good an excuse may be,  it’s never good enough to earn a reward. There’s absolutely no excuse for failing to discipline your children/wards.

   If a parent cannot /do not spend quality time with their children, it only means one thing, for the parent, the children are not that important. If you can’t spend time with your kids and the only excuse you can come up with is I’m working  to earn money to put food on the table, to send them to school,  to ensure they don’t lack in future’. These excuses  aren’t  good  enough,  if you are doing all these and you don’t spend time with your child they would disgrace you. 
Let me tell you how;
. If you can’t  spend time with them to notice whatever they do wrong, so to discipline  them
• You can’t  spend time with them to lecture them on this tough world we are in
• You don’t  spent time with them to enlighten them about sex
• You can spend tine with them to teach then about the bible
• And most importantly,  you don’t spend time with them,  to teach them Sense,  that can’t be bought anywhere in the world,  I tell you,  you are not  matured  enough to have children.  Because if you are working to send them to school, satisfy their wants and yet you don’t teach them sense  by impacting knowledge in them,  the time u spend working to save up for their future is  vain,  because the moment they have access to the money,  you would be shocked at how they lavish the money on unnecessary  things,  because they’ve  got no knowledge  on how to set goal and daily plans for their life,  you wouldn’t  blame them u should blame yourself.
       A way to prevent these,is ;
   To create a schedule.
  One major reason parents lack time and can’t spend time with their children is because they dont create schedules.
   Creating  a schedule  helps you work with time and have time for what is important and would not have time for what is not important.  Spend time with people you can make impact on or can make impact in your life.  Such people are positive thinkers and people who are always time conscious,  they would tell u,  “I have just 10 minutes to spend with u”.  Why?  Its because they feel not even a second of their time should be wasted.  People like that have time to teach their children morals,  when you spend time with people like that you tend to act like them,  but if you spend time with the opposite  of that you also tend to live like the time wasters, who can spend whole day gossiping,  drinking and forgetting to spend time with children.
    Your child is your treasure,  what you can’t  reach, they reach and make u proud.  So,  from hence forth,  spend time with your kids.  The universe rewards every good action.

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