Excuses are just  words we come up with to quit making it sound legal whereas its illegal. Most people fail to see that excuses are just conjunction of words to better us for the moment. Excuses sounds best to the person who’s making it up.  You can only make excuses to the public,  you tell excuses to suit their thinking,  how do you suit yourself,  you sit around,  you nag,  you say life is unfair. You made up the excuses, then,   why transfer blame on life.  Your family background didn’t  cause you to fail,  the evil in this world didn’t cause you to fail,  not until you see   no demon tying you down you can never succeed,  you live a wasted life as you continue to assume a demon in your family tying you down.
   There is no excuse to quit, we see our problems as excuses instead of opportunities.  No excuse is good enough to earn a reward.
  Most people feel comfortable  with  excuses; I can’t keep up with it because its;

  Its better to shoot high and miss it then to shoot low and reach it. For you to succeed it has to move from easy to difficult. If it doesn’t  get difficult,  check well you’re not in the right position, “REPOSITION”. If it gets difficult  be happy that you are close to success ,”it’s  difficult”  is not a valid excuse,  it has to get difficult.  Life  is easy if you’re  on the wrong track,  its  difficult when you’re in the right track.  Don’t be fooled.
ITSy  I’m Quitting because  its too challenging,  what  do you expect of it. What do you do when you’re not the only one who do what you do?  What do you do when you’re  not the only one who wants to be successful. You don’t have to work hard,  you have to work harder. You know that feeling,  at 4am when you tend to enjoy the sleep,  then something hits you that you have to get up and work,  you have to wake up your lazy ass,  yes!  That’s the spirit.
  Your friend is working, you’re  sleeping,  you wake up to see him working, get up.  He’s in the same race with you,  he would come first if you’re  too relaxed.  You have to come out first.
  Life is challenging,  everybody wants to deliver what they’ve  got,  they wanna deliver their product.  Hurry up,  get there first,  you can’t be slacking behind.

  You need to feel pain before you know you’re alive.  It has to hurt,  it has to suck,  you have to want to quit but keep trying.  One could literally not give up on life unless one is dead but most people die before their death by giving up on life awaiting death. You die before your death by;
Waking up to nothing.Having nothing significant to wake up to.
Doing a job that you aren’t passionate about.
Succeeding in a dream that is not yours,  is a wasted life.
Existing and not living.
Compromising yourself for people.
Disguising .
        It hurts,  its too hard,  I can’t keep up with it,  i have to find something easier,  there’s  actually  nothing easy,  if you want to succeed.  You just have to realize  that this is reality and not some fairy tale.

‘I can’t succeed  now because most successful people are much older’.  Who said?  You said because that’s the best excuse you could find.  People are not  looking for you they’re looking for what you are carrying.  People succeed at age 10, you’re older,  people start  writing,  painting,  speaking at 13, 14, 15 years of age. You’re older,  you don’t have to be like that aunt who’s 35, 40, 50 years of age before you start. Death comes at any time, Its unpredictable,  If you die today  would the world notice that  someone has left or the ground that notices a new member.

   You don’t have to be ready. ‘ I first have to get through with school,  people still work while Schooling and still succeed.  I first have to clock 30, people at 17 still succeed. I still have to travel more before I start,  people have visited just 2 places and are succeeding, I first have to get the best man. People succeed with no man in their life.  Turn your problems into opportunities . I’ve  not gathered enough money yet,  people still succeed with just a little. You don’t   need to have  a perfect life to start,  you’re just making excuses and you would continue to wine and die in silence.
  Excuses are just pretext.  A false,  contrived or assumed purpose; a presence.  Excuses is similar to employing a pretext which involves using a false or contrived purpose for soliciting the gain of something  else.


‘Whenever am broke, i get so angry,  i can’t get out of the house,  i just can’t do anything’. You will remain broke till you die,  you will tie your destiny to being broke for ever,  you would remain angry for  the rest of your life,  don’t  go out and find something to do, remain in the same place and expect money to fall on your laps miraculously. You would grow Grey hair and still keep being furious at being broke.
   Being broke is not an excuse not to wake up write an article ,  stand your artist easel and paint,  its not an excuse not to discover things,  Its just an excuse never to become successful.
   Keep fooling yourself with that word,  probably its the new word you just learnt ‘BROKE’.

  There’s  no job that’s why am an impostor,  settling to illegal jobs is not an excuse. Who said there’s no job,  you can never get a job if you can’t create one,  how  do you expect people to employ you when you  have refused to employ yourself. If only you can realize  that there are numerous ideas of jobs inside you. 
   You are  disguising to be what you’re not, scamming people to earn. How do you expect yourself to be successful someday.
   Mind you,  being successful  is not only being wealthy,  there is more to it. You can’t succeed  if your sense of reasoning  is not successful,  you first have  to succeed  in your mind before you put it into action.
   Don’t let people deceive you,  planning to be successful is a job on its own,  keep  yourself busy.  If you’re lazy at waking up early or staying up late,  doing something  productive  then why want a job.  Asking for a job is easy,  having the job isn’t.  Practice it now.
    There are numerous things you can do without being employed.  Spend more time in finding what it is than wasting time with friends discussing  on the lack of unemployment.  Employ yourself

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  • This is a really piece, I am really inspired.. There is no excuse for moving backwards in life indeed! Thanks to our dear writer. More ink to your pen.

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