Do you know that the natural fruits we take in can cause your skin from ageing early?

What do you apply to your skin? What fruits do you take in? These two things should be put into considerations. What you take in and what you apply to your skin will definitely start showing results while you age.

Organic( natural) Creams are Combinations of natural ingredients like Vitamins, herbs, nourishing skin oil, butter, honey and other natural stuff. It can most definitely have side effects when it contains too much chemicals and when you purchase an ointment that doesn’t matches your skin tone, your skin gradually changes which gives your skin the rainbow color.

How you treat your skin should be polled. What ointment do you apply to your skin?

SNO ORGANICS would help keep your skin in a satisfactory tone. It is 100% natural and contains what prevents your skin from ageing early and leaves your skin glowing. you can send your skin tone and your skin type to to get the ointment that matches your skin tone and skin type. You can also purchase their soap, scrub and glow oil. You can call the company at 08112085350, 08077984568 or visit No 40, Agric road, ADP Benin city.

The mission and vision of SNO ORGANICS is to render you the best service and ointment for your skin. SNO ORGANICS also treats skin problems , such as,
• Pimples/Ache
• Dark spots
• Dark knuckles
• Dark body parts
• Hyperpigmentation
• Rashes/Eczema
• Sun Burns
• Stretch marks
• Dull skin
• Wrinkles.

For further inquiries kindly visit sno_organics on Instagram. You can also drop comments or send messages directly to

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